Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Random quilts downloaded from my Ipad

This quilt is brighter than usual, better suited for a boy

Girly quilt. I don't have lots of babies in the family - just like making baby quilts - they are reasonably quick - they satisfy my need for (almost) instant gratification!

This photo is just the top, have added the backing and done some really bad quilting since the photo was taken.  The edges have to be added. This was really interesting to make - lots of strips joined together, in a sort of planned pattern, then the ends were joined on the short edges, so the long strip became wider and half the original size.  This was repeated until it was the right width. The pattern that developed was random - a bit like life - we can join the pieces together but the end result may be different.  I think I will call this "Pathways".

I try to make a quilt at Christmas.  This was for 2011.
I called this quilt "Memories" - not terribly original but it represents lots of memories my sister & I shared. I made it for her when she was moving away from where we lived.
I am slightly addicted to teapots.  Sadler is my favourite brand - they are pretty, and not quite as expensive as say Royal Doulton (although I also do have some of them).

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

No. 1

Finally thought of a name for this blog tonight - while in the shower, my usual place of inspiration.
The reason for the blog is:
to catalogue my crafts
To encourage me to spend more time in creative activities
The name - I have a logical, 'square ' brain, so making craft is going against my natural inclination. Thus, round peg in a square hole.