Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pillowcase dresses & other stuff

I have found a number of sites showing how to make “pillowcase” dresses for little girls.
While none actually used a pillowcase, they are very easy and use small amounts of material.
So grand-daughters got some new dresses!

Left dress utilised leftovers from a quilt I am making, right dress was in an aunt's stash! 

 We spent another 2 months travelling, so once again I had lots of spare time to indulge in craft. Crochet is nice & easy to carry around. Lots of family received crochet face washers for Christmas.

This necklace is made from crochet cotton, with buttons added. 
Lots of fun.

Hair decorations were made from circles of fabric sewn together. 


I recently came across 2 sites which gave instructions for making bags from old t-shirts.  This really appealed to my desire to recycle as much as possible. So I made a few bags, combining elements of both designs.

The sites I accessed were:

Both ladies are very creative! 
And their photos of the bags they made look far more professional than mine. 
But you get the idea.

Being a dreadful hoarder, I had a few t-shirts to work with. 

So I then experimented with slashing lines across the front and back of a t-shirt. It made a REALLY cool shirt – and it has been very hot lately, so it was made at the right time! The cuts also hid most of the design, which was my intention.  I had a number of shirts from an event I was a volunteer at.  Appropriate for the event, but pretty irrelevant to be wearing a 2007 shirt from a youth event now. 
I don't have a photo of the shirt at this time.