Saturday, 24 March 2012

Finally finished!

Two of my baby quilts have been a long time in the making, but they are now finished. So I took them for an airing in the garden, in between the frequent showers we have been having.

I also took the time to record some of the baby hats - they are so cute!

One last photo - I had a lovely day by the bay yesterday - after having a fantastic shopping spree at an underwear warehouse sale - so many new bras!
After lunch by the water, I explored some op shops in the area - found fabric, pottery, bags, pot holder, even a new pair of thongs for 4 yr old grand-daughter. Interestingly, the thongs cost more than I had paid at a major chain store a few weeks ago, but I could not get any small enough for her then.
And, being Australia, thongs are SHOES, not ladies underwear - just realised it might be seen as a reference to my underwear shopping!

And I realise I have been spending more time shopping than creating......

Monday, 19 March 2012

More remnants

This not - terribly - well - photographed quilt is the last one I made for a grandchild. I have made them all a Noah's Ark quilt when they were born. It is becoming a challenge to find different patterns & fabrics for each one!

Found some more remnants on the week-end - they make me so happy! So full of promise!  (In reality, most of them will sit for ages in a box.)  But I did manage to cut quite a few 2" squares, and the strips reminded me of a quilt I saw recently & would like to make some day, so the creative juices are at work, planning...........

This last week I also relined my everyday handbag - the thin silky lining had been repaired so many times & I couldn't use the pockets as everything fell through them. I used a remnant of black fabric that was not too heavy. As good as new!

Also finished a white baby hat, & added flowers to others made previously. Have not taken any photos yet. Which reminds me - I also finally finished another baby quilt & have not recorded that, so will go & do it now!!  Watch out for the photos!!


Well, my little red hat found an owner this week - 3 year old granddaughter loved it.  Not quite cold enough, but she wanted to wear it. Five year old sister wants one as well, have not decided which yarn to use for her.

No, this is not another hat - although it might work as one - it is a portable bowl I made to use in our caravan - it folds flat, a very useful attribute when space is at a premium, then makes a great bowl for fruit or veges. And it is washable. It was made from canvas fabric I bought at Spotlight.

This is a bag made at the last Stitches & Craft Fair I attended. Its made from recycled clothes.

Our leopard tree - so peaceful

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Last week's output

Keeping track of what I have made is encouraging - this week!  I tried making a hat to give to a lady I met with "chemo" baldness, thought it would match her uniform, but the first one I made was too small, and the second was too big.  My patterns come from my head so end up..............whereever they want to.  So need to find a large and a small person who want a red hat for the coming winter!

I also managed to add tops to hang hand towels, have not done these for a while.  The first one was so nice I packed it into a plastic container & wrapped it as an interim engagement present for my niece - so no photo of that one.  The second one...........well, it did not end up as well - but it will do the job just as well.  Better luck next time!!
I strategically place the hand towel in front of some of my china - just to tempt you!  Will put more of my china on the blog when I have more time.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

More fabric!

Collected some new fabric on the week-end - courtesy of op shop purchases by my daughter & market remnants I found.

These pieces are already made up - will have to use my imagination to make them into a whole quilt.
When I have more time............

Some of these pieces were not cotton, a bit disappointing, but they cost me $1.50, so very good value.
The squares came from the cotton pieces - to add to my stash of 2 inch squares - another "one day" project.

 Went through a black & white phase - bought fabric from every town we visited on holidays.  This is one of the quilts I made then.  Still have enough fabric for another (or two?) quilts.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Good news day

This is my third attempt - not quite an expert blogger yet! Yesterday I got a free bus ride to work, that started my day on a high. Then my niece phoned to tell me she was engaged! She had been very selective in her choice of boyfriends, so that I wondered if she would ever find Mr Right, but she has. So happy for her.