Monday, 19 March 2012

More remnants

This not - terribly - well - photographed quilt is the last one I made for a grandchild. I have made them all a Noah's Ark quilt when they were born. It is becoming a challenge to find different patterns & fabrics for each one!

Found some more remnants on the week-end - they make me so happy! So full of promise!  (In reality, most of them will sit for ages in a box.)  But I did manage to cut quite a few 2" squares, and the strips reminded me of a quilt I saw recently & would like to make some day, so the creative juices are at work, planning...........

This last week I also relined my everyday handbag - the thin silky lining had been repaired so many times & I couldn't use the pockets as everything fell through them. I used a remnant of black fabric that was not too heavy. As good as new!

Also finished a white baby hat, & added flowers to others made previously. Have not taken any photos yet. Which reminds me - I also finally finished another baby quilt & have not recorded that, so will go & do it now!!  Watch out for the photos!!


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