Saturday, 24 March 2012

Finally finished!

Two of my baby quilts have been a long time in the making, but they are now finished. So I took them for an airing in the garden, in between the frequent showers we have been having.

I also took the time to record some of the baby hats - they are so cute!

One last photo - I had a lovely day by the bay yesterday - after having a fantastic shopping spree at an underwear warehouse sale - so many new bras!
After lunch by the water, I explored some op shops in the area - found fabric, pottery, bags, pot holder, even a new pair of thongs for 4 yr old grand-daughter. Interestingly, the thongs cost more than I had paid at a major chain store a few weeks ago, but I could not get any small enough for her then.
And, being Australia, thongs are SHOES, not ladies underwear - just realised it might be seen as a reference to my underwear shopping!

And I realise I have been spending more time shopping than creating......

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