Monday, 30 April 2012

Easter & beyond activities

This was our little home over Easter - in a lovely park on a mountain, with fabulous weather. Bliss.
So I managed to finish a few craft items.

These squares are part of a blanket - in the making - many more to go! They are made with 2 threads together.

One of our neighbours on the week-end

The baby hats are destined for a local mothers hospital.

I found this lovely yarn at a market over Easter. Luckily there were 10 balls.  The first one I made was too small for the intended recipient and the second one was too large.  There is a bit of a pattern here, I did the same with my red hats. Will have another go at making one in between soon, hopefully before the end of winter!
Check out the china in the background. I have a shelf full of jugs, with crochet covers (not made by me).

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