Tuesday, 6 March 2012

More fabric!

Collected some new fabric on the week-end - courtesy of op shop purchases by my daughter & market remnants I found.

These pieces are already made up - will have to use my imagination to make them into a whole quilt.
When I have more time............

Some of these pieces were not cotton, a bit disappointing, but they cost me $1.50, so very good value.
The squares came from the cotton pieces - to add to my stash of 2 inch squares - another "one day" project.

 Went through a black & white phase - bought fabric from every town we visited on holidays.  This is one of the quilts I made then.  Still have enough fabric for another (or two?) quilts.


  1. Also, what a lovely blog- I am very proud of you!!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog katiesews4fun - like you this blog is set up to keep a record of all the American Girl doll clothing I make -it is all given away or given to groups who will auction them off to raise $'s for their cause.

    My main is www.westiejulep.blogspot.com - here you'll never know what to find! It originally started out as just my two westies Julep and Derby but has expanded to anything I can find.

    I just started quilting - took my first set of 3 classes - quilting 101 and now I'm in quilting 201 - I'll do a post on that later this weekend.

    Since you are a new blogger if you have any questions about how to add widgets or countdown clickers or go out and get third party backgrounds let me know. Post on my westiejulep blog or sent to my e-mail which is kwyatt8419@aol.com - just put the name of your blog so I know it's not a spam mail.

    Welcome to blog world ... have fun ... Katie
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